Wholesale price is 40% off retail price (not including shipping, if necessary).

Shipping is generally an 8 to 10% additional fee, but will depend on your location. • Soap: minimum purchase is ten (10) of any one scent, 3 scent minimum - 30 bars total.

Other products, such as lip balms and lotions, are also available upon request. Please contact me to discuss availability/ordering.

• Items are made by hand and some variation between bars is to be expected. I reserve the right to change the color/design of the bars between batches, though size and scent will remain the same.

Soap requires 4 to 6 weeks of curing time. A minimum of 4 weeks lead time for soap orders is required, though popular scents may be in stock at time of order.

Communication regarding delivery date will be provided within a week of your order.

Credit card orders will not be charged until the day the product is shipped or delivered.

• Products cannot be returned once purchased.

• If the label becomes worn over time, please contact me for replacements. My labels comply with Food and Drug Administration Soap and Cosmetic Labeling Laws.
• Payment by check, credit card, Paypal or through Square.
Checks must clear the bank prior to shipment of product, especially with new orders.
No credit terms are available.
Accounts having a returned check must be prepaid with a cashier’s check, money order, or credit card. Credit card charges will include an additional 2.75% fee to cover the merchant fee percentage.

We pride ourself  on making hand crafted personal care items of excellent quality, safety and consistency, with exceptional scent appeal.
If at any time you have an issue with any product, please contact me so that I can do my best to make it right.

Thank you for considering wholesale purchase with Handcrafted Naturally Soap